The 4 Most Exciting IoT Trends in 2020

What may have been seen once as a gimmick to turn your lights on with a
Clap, the Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded in popularity and now covers
An absolutely astounding number of devices across both home and work settings.

From smart wearables to smart toasters, lightbulbs, smart TVs, and even smart
Curtain openers, there seems to be no end in sight for the growth of the IoT
Network, and with the devices becoming ever cheaper and more reliable
Consumers just can’t get enough of them!

IoT Big Moves In the 2020s

The 2020s will see a much bigger development in the connectivity of everyday
Life. With 5G storming onto the scenes to speed up super-fast internet for more
Of the planet, we’ll see huge growth in the personal IoT sector, with more and
More smart homes’ coming online as standard.

Here are four of the most exciting IoT trends we’ve seen in 2020 that look set
To build to even bigger and better advances for humankind in the decades that
Will follow.

Advanced Healthcare Options

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that health is not only important, but it’s
Valuable. Valuable to you, to us, and to corporations that are focused on
Improving health and access to healthcare for the everyday citizen.

The growth in IoT healthcare products, particularly in the wearables market, is helping Doctors and other healthcare professionals to get a holistic picture of health, rather than The symptoms-based snapshot they see in clinics.

With the advances being made in the wearables field, and the resulting interest in health And wellbeing, this is a trend we’re happy to see going up.

IoT Cloud Infrastructure

Another area that has seen massive growth in 2020 particularly has been cloud computing And cloud-based infrastructure.

With much of the world asked to work remotely to protect citizens against the COVID-19 Epidemic, cloud-based working and collaborative remote teams have been less of a Buzzword and more of a necessity.

Cloud systems need a good security infrastructure behind them, and the future of data Production may lay in the hands of IoT security.

IoT Personalization

The new dawn of shopping and retail is just around the corner, and it will be advanced Even further with the development of IoT devices to help shoppers get exactly what they Want when they want it, also as SEO service ans website design

With more shoppers complaining of less time, personalized retail will allow shoppers to Focus on what they want and need, and with more IoT devices online, your Amazon Alexa may be reminding you to buy break because your fridge has told her. Clever stuff.

Home Automation and Security

Perhaps one of the most ‘fun’ aspects of the IoT world is home automation, but this also Goes hand in hand with security.

Sure, it’s great fun to have the light turn on as you walk past without you having to touch The switch, but the security implications are huge, that same sensor can now alert you to Movement in your home while you’re not there, and some devices can even alert the Relevant authorities too.

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